One Click


A print series exploring the duality of variability inherit to the nature of internet traversal. By compositing the graphic elements of a linear, yet often cyclic, experience through consecutive webpages, the project seeks to present and recreate the force of a single mouse click. It embraces the ephemeral nature of tangible content in the face of the internet's request/response cycle.

Exhibited at iDMA 2010

Digital Print Series

Digital Imaging

Fall 2009

Artist Statement

Images are created and destroyed in the single click of a button. Each image becomes it's own micro-narrative, seeking to encapsulate the dynamic, ephemeral qualities of the instantaneous moment when the image of one webpage is destroyed and the next constructed.

The circular form represents the boundlessness of the visual illusion which builds as 'state' and 'un-state' meld together. The convergence which takes place at the command of the cursor is a meter-less distance; one intrinsic to the symbolic process of web traversal.