Coded Portraits


A print series considering the extant boundaries of portraiture. Exploration of what constituted the concept itself, how it had changed over the decades, and what it meant in a digital space lead to a dwelling on the split nature of the visual and non-visual aspects inherent in the ideal. Portraiture has long sought to capture the essence of the subject, and there is an incredible amount of power in the singular codification of one's persona. Yet, as the series explores, can it truly be encapsulated as information?

Digital Print Series

Digital Imaging

Fall 2009

Artist Statement

Utilizing QR codes, a 2D barcode format, the print series evaluates the concept of portraiture in a digital environment. Examining the collapsing distance between visual and non-visual persona, the images present a paradigm shift to the expectation of representation. Digital culture has transformed the notion of perceived identity into a multifaceted realization, fully capable of extrapolating upon our underling ethos.